3 Major Benefits of Water

3 Major Benefits of Water

With the recent health-conscious water trend growing larger and larger every year, people are finally seeing how amazing water can be for the body! No amount of energy drinks, mineral-infused juices, or detox teas can come close to the natural benefits water holds. But what exactly are the benefits of water? Let’s take a look at 3 major ones!

Water Supports Skin Care and Beauty

If you're not a fan of drinking this flavorless liquid, you'll definitely become one after learning about this benefit! Keeping your body well replenished with healthy liquids boosts elasticity in the skin and helps to achieve higher water retaining. The more elastic the skin is (ability to stretch and revert to its original state) the less likely wrinkles, saggy skin, scars, and other blemishes are likely to attack the body. Retaining a healthy amount of water also ensures proper hydration which can make a big deal internally. Which leads to…

Water Can Lower and Stabilize Blood Pressure

Many studies have been conducted on the relationship between water and blood pressure. While overwhelmingly positive results have been discovered, one major plus lies on the role water has in keeping blood pressure regulated. This is evident in the effects dehydration plays in the body's blood vessels and other internal organs. Dehydration can negatively affect kidneys through excess renin release and even make blood thicker which both lead to higher pressure. Medical professionals recommend drinking several cups of water a day to keep from being dehydrated. Oh, and one more thing about water...

Water Aids in Better Digestion and Less Constipation 

No one enjoys suffering from digestive pain. Heartburn, constipation, tummy aches- all very common symptoms that plague people every day. One simple way to combat these annoying factors of life rests in something as easy as sipping glasses of water after meals day in and day out. As we throw back these aqua beverages, food gets properly broken down and digested. Once this food is broken down, it can be more efficiently absorbed and softened leading to less instances of constipation and upset stomachs. Healthy bowel movements get rid of unwanted wastes as well, delivering stronger digestion overall. 

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